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To positively touch and influence the lives of all people through the GOLF.



What can you expect? At Axis, our Athletes are our priority. The coaches at Axis, made a commitment that the business would be run around the culture of teamwork. Is this best for the team? Is a question the coaches at Axis, asks quite often. No one person is bigger than the team; we help each other to achieve the goals at hand. With teamwork being our ethos, all of our Athletes have access to all of the coaches on staff. They are encouraged to use all of the coaches to help them with their golf development. At times we may ask another coaches opinion about an athlete's swing, another time we may ask a student to go out and work on course management with a different coach. Once you assimilate yourself with the Axis Culture, you will quickly find out how this environment will be an asset to your golf development.



Holistic approach. We strive for a path to develop an athlete, from fitness/nutrition, mental, to the technical aspects of the golf swing; we encompass all aspects of performance. We encourage efficient anatomical movement patterns to achieve better performance and avoid injuries. We work with the athlete to find their best route, to reach and achieve their goals.



We try and create an environment where the athletes can feel comfortable and hang around to work on their games. A lot can be learned by being around other like minded characters. Deliberate practice can and often is a lonely place. Axis Golf Academy creates an environment where motivated athletes can deliberately pursue greatness together.



Instruction is a big part of what we do, however it is only a portion of what we do. As coaches we try to become involved in the entire process of becoming a whole golfer and helping the athlete attain their goals. Whether it is getting them to see the trainer to improve mobility, or to help them with selecting the proper tournaments, we are here to guide you through the process.



To make the athlete the best golfer they can be, exhausting all options. Lastly, if you’re a kid we hope to help you become amazing young adults, and instill more confidence and teach you to hold yourselves to a higher standard.

If you're one of our "big kids" we hope to help you in the process to enjoy this game we all love. It is a challenge when we live in an era where information is so readily available and easily accessible. Ask yourself this, is that information pertinent to me? We can be your Golf Sherpa.

Meet the Coaches


Alan Hodde

Alan is a Class A PGA Member and also the co-owner/operator of Axis Golf Academy.

Born and raised just down the road in Brenham, Alan was an active athlete in many sports before turning his attention to golf. Alan attended a school focused on golf management after finishing high school. Alan decided that focusing on teaching/coaching and trying to compete himself was the proper career avenue.

He began teaching and club fitting full time under Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Kevin Kirk in 2001, and also helped establish The Woodlands Golf Performance Center in The Woodlands. Utilizing club fitting as a pillar in his teaching, Alan has become a leader in this field. His knowledge and understanding of the cause-effect relationship between the golfer and the club has helped past facilities achieve recognition among Golf Digest's "America's Best Clubfitters" and Ping's "Top 100 Clubfitters."

Alan has been very fortunate to coach and learn from some of the best players on the PGA and LPGA Tours, including, Jhonattan Vegas, Patrick Reed, Katie Futcher, Christel Boeljon, Stacy Lewis, Bobby Gates and Craig Kanada. He enjoys the challenge of helping players learn how to play better golf and achieve their goals.

Alan has been recently named 2019 Southern Texas PGA Harvey Penick Teacher of the year. He has certifications in teaching, biomechanics, various golf technology tools and club fitting.

Ben Willman, PGA

Ben is a Class A PGA Member and also the co-owner/operator of Axis Golf Academy.

Born and raised in England, Ben started playing golf at the age of 13 and turned professional at 21. He was a member of the British PGA in 2004 and realized his dreams of playing professionally by attaining his European Tour Card in 2006. Since then, Ben has played at the highest level on several different tours, including the PGA Tour and European Tour.

In 2009 Ben turned his attention from playing to coaching and joined the American PGA. He still enjoys playing and was named "Player Of The Year" in the South Texas PGA Section in 2014,  2016 and 2019, and qualified for the PGA Tour's Shell Houston Open in 2015, '17 and 2020. 

Ben's drive to better his own game as a player coupled with his playing experiences give him the expertise to help his students thrive both physically and mentally. Ben specializes in training golfers of all ages and ability levels, from novice and highly competitive amateurs to professional tour players.  

Ben has certifications in teaching, biomechanics, and various golf technology tools. He has been an Honorable mention for the US Kids Top50 and 100 coaches in 2016, and 2018, he was also recognized as the Southern Texas PGA Eastern Chapter Youth Player Development Award in 2019.

Eujone Kim, PGA

Eujone "EJ" Kim is a Class A PGA Member and also the co-owner/operator of Axis Golf Academy.

Ranked among Golf Digest's "Best Young Teachers in America" for 2016-'17, 2018-2019 also Golf Digest's Best Teachers in State 2017- 2018. EJ credits his father, Byung Young Kim, who is also a golf instructor, for introducing him to the game.  

EJ played collegiately at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, R.I., and was working toward his dream of playing professionally before putting his game on pause to serve as a translator for eight-time PGA Tour winner K.J. Choi. The experience of traveling on the PGA Tour gave him a unique perspective into the daily life of a tour player, as well as giving him access to the best players and coaches in the world. This experience sparked an interest toward teaching the game instead of playing professionally.  

 Some of the coaches that have had a great influence on EJ include Phil Ritson, Steve Bann and Kevin Kirk. EJ has certifications in teaching, biomechanics, various golf technology tools and club fitting. 

Shaun McEwen, PGA

Top 100 instructors; most notably Golf Digest's #1 instructor Butch Harmon.

Shaun is a PGA Member who was raised in Phoenix, AZ. He most recently held the position of Director of Instruction at Sweetwater Country Club. Upon completion of his collegiate playing career, it was playing on Mini-Tours where Shaun discovered his love for teaching. Shaun has had the opportunity to compete against and study under several Top 100 instructors; most notably Golf Digest's #1 instructor Butch Harmon. His passion for teaching, continuous learning and dedication to his craft is what allows him to help his students achieve and exceed their personal golf goals. His teaching philosophy is centered around effective communication, impact position, ball flight evaluation, physical abilities and turning weakness into strengths. One of Shaun's most memorable golfing experiences was playing golf with Tiger Woods.

Casey Heath


Born and raised in Arkansas, Casey moved to Houston in 1991. Casey started his golfing career playing Clear Lake High School. He continued his passion for the game after finishing his education, and entered the industry as an Assistant pro at Wildcat Golf Course. Through his experience as an Assistant Pro, he quickly realized that fitting and building golf clubs was were his skills lied. From there, he pursued a position at Matt Swanson’s Golf School, where he continued to fit and build golf clubs for three years. With that experience under his belt, he joined PXG as their Lead Fitting Specialist in 2019. It was there he was able to learn under the tutelage of Edwin Fuh and increase his fitting knowledge. With over a decade in fitting experience Casey joins us at Axis as our club fitter.

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