Club Fitting

At Axis Golf Academy, we believe clubfitting is an essential part of your golf game.

Combined, our club fitting experts have over 6 decades of experience. Their experience in the field has garnered the trust of tour players as well as many accolades from manufacturers.

Correctly fit clubs through the bag are important to performing at the best of your ability. Clubs that are incorrectly fit, or not fit at all, can have a detrimental effect on your game and your ability to make improvements.

Our approach to club fitting is unique due to our understanding of both clubfitting and instruction, marrying both to optimize club selection and tailor the clubs to the individual needs of the student. With a data driven culture derived from the most up to date technology such as launch monitors it’s no surprise players seek out Axis Golf Academy for their fitting and instruction needs. Our clubfitters have the ability to not only fit the best clubs for you, but also take into account any technical changes you are considering or trying to make to your swing/game.

The ability to hit off real grass and watch the entire ball flight as opposed to synthetic turf into a screen is vital and cannot be underestimated.

Regardless of your playing level, we can take care of your needs.


All Fit Fitting System


At Axis we strive to deliver the premium fitting experience so we use the "All-Fit Fitting System." Traditional fitting experience limits the customer to only try only the vendor offered shafts. For example if you wanted a Callaway clubhead but wanted to try a shaft offered by Ping, it was not possible. However with the "All Fit Fitting System," we now have the ability to interchange any shaft with any clubhead. This system allows our fitters at Axis, to properly dial in the shaft and head combination for the optimal fit.

Here is What We Offer


   Driver Fitting
   Woods/Hybrids Fitting
   Irons Fitting
   Wedge Fitting
   Putter Fitting
   Wedge Grinding
   Check current clubs

We Fit for the Following Brands

Callaway – Cobra – Ping – PXG – Mizuno – Scotty Cameron – Odyssey – Taylormade – Titleist – Vokey


Casey Heath


Born and raised in Arkansas, Casey moved to Houston in 1991. Casey started his golfing career playing Clear Lake High School. He continued his passion for the game after finishing his education, and entered the industry as an Assistant pro at Wildcat Golf Course. Through his experience as an Assistant Pro, he quickly realized that fitting and building golf clubs was were his skills lied. From there, he pursued a position at Matt Swanson’s Golf School, where he continued to fit and build golf clubs for three years. With that experience under his belt, he joined PXG as their Lead Fitting Specialist in 2019. It was there he was able to learn under the tutelage of Edwin Fuh and increase his fitting knowledge. With over a decade in fitting experience Casey joins us at Axis as our club fitter.