AimPoint Green Reading


AimPoint Golf is a green reading system, that is simplified for all golfers to use. It gives you a process to evaluate the break and speed on a green more effectively so you can choose the proper line that will help you make more putts, but more importantly leave your initial attempts closer to the hole.

Simplified 3 Steps

  • Feel the slope
  • Use your arm and fingers to determine the aimpoint
  • Start the ball on the desired line with your desired speed and we should have a favorable result

Coach Alan Hodde is our certified Aimpoint Instructor.

Course Management


When trying to better your golf game, on course experience and playing is an area that doesn’t receive enough attention for golfers in general.At Axis we feel that it is an integral portion for the overall development of the golfer.Being able to apply what you learn in a golf lesson often gets overlooked and we feel that students perform better when they get to apply their skillset on the actual golf course, rather than the range.

All the coaches at Axis have tournament-playing experience and can help students understand how to navigate the course better.Coach Ben Willman’s experience on the European and the PGA Tour gives a unique insight; understanding to playing and we encourage our students to learn from someone who has played at the highest level.

Discover Golf


Whether you are introducing your kids into golf or keeping them interested, the most important factor that keeps them coming back is fun. At Axis, we have teamed up with Discover Golf to help provide a safe fun environment for your kids to enjoy learning the game of golf.

A little bit about what Discover Golf is about.

Discover Golf's ultimate aim is to Empower and Enrich children.

We recognize the long – term implications of children at in this age group sensing, demonstrating, and improving their Competency within their physical/social/emotional domains.

This is a critical topic for DiscoverGolf and one that is always at the forefront of our design schemes.
We wish to re-frame "training" environments, often weighted towards showcasing those individuals with the highest level of physical dexterity.

When the win/success probability and sense of Competency is determined by Only those attributes we fear that the "game of golf" becomes less accessible.

It is our belief that games that feature diverse mechanical structures, more child=appropriate themes, and textured play patterns also offer a Multitude of the child’s competencies to shine through.

Many of those competencies were highlighted in the previous section and include creativity, engineering prowess, social collaboration, strategic thinking and systems contemplation.

Speed Class


At Axis golf academy, we understand that the game of golf is constantly evolving and speed has definitely been at the forefront of this. With the importance of speed we have incorporated the Mach 3 Speed Training Protocol at our facility. Michael Romatowski and his team have done a great job in creating a system where our golfers can get faster in a safe environment. We host the class year round on Saturday mornings.

PGA Junior League


The coaches at Axis have been involved with the PGA Jr. League since its inception. Junior league creates a unique experience for all level golfers and we are extremely proud to be involved with the program.

The regular season will provide fun matches where kids who may be new to the game play with some of our established players and takeaway the hesitations and just have a fun time playing.

The post season provides an opportunity for our established players to move on and showcase their skills talents at the National Championship. 96 kids out of 42,000 will be at the National Championship, 12 teams of 8 will represent their region. Axis has been to the last four National Championships, and at the last championship we finished 2nd overall.